Beautiful Inside and Out: The Fine Art of SteamLine Luggage Linings

While SteamLine Cases in motion are certain to earn you compliments, the conversation doesn’t stop there. The interiors of each of our cases are intricately designed and accented with beautiful,...
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Meet Five Trailblazers Who Changed Their Worlds

We are so amazed by the Trailblazing Women who inspired our one-of-a-kind luggage sticker collaboration with Annie Atkins, introduced last week. Without further ado, meet the five Trailblazing Women who changed their world....
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Inspired by Annie Atkins
Cinematic Graphic Designer

Graphic designer for Wes Anderson and kindred spirit of SteamLine, Annie Atkins has given us the honor of designing our first luggage stickers. Read the interview between our founder, Sara...
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Inspired By Eugenia Kim
Founder, Milliner, & Personality +

In this candid interview, SteamLine Founder Sara Banks inspires Eugenia Kim to sound off brilliantly on work and life, showcasing her glorious individualism and abundant wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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INSPIRED BY MaryKate Boylan
At Home in Brooklyn

MaryKate Boylan is the Senior Fashion Editor for Town & Country Magazine, and a long-time friend of SteamLine. MaryKate shared some insights with us on her favorite spots around Greenpoint,...
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A Reverse Study Abroad: One New Yorker's CoronaTrail Through the Heartland

See how New York-based writer, editor, and SteamLine team member Cassandra Csencsitz lived out of her luggage for five months while plotting and pondering her family's return to NYC.
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How to Pack Simply & Easily with SteamLine Luggage

Here at SteamLine Luggage, we love to travel beautifully. But we know that traveling beautifully is sometimes easier said than done. When it comes to how to pack efficiently, many...
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At Home in Manchester

Onyi Moss is a self-taught photographer who crafts inspiring imagery wherever she goes. Explore Onyi's unique and impassioned style through her conversation with SteamLine Founder Sara Banks here!
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The SteamLine Effect: Make Your Next Connection

Read about the SteamLine Effect, the irrepressible phenomenon surrounding SteamLine Luggage. Not for the misanthropic.
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Our Great Layover Part II
Revitalising the forgotten art of single
tasking and slowing down

Our Founder Sara Banks meditates on a lingering lesson of lockdown, our collective need to slow down and recognise the truth that doing less can be more productive—and joyful—than juggling...
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SteamLine at Home: Decorative Storage Solutions that Embrace the Atmosphere of Travel in the Home

SteamLine Luggage has a surprising double life as stylish at-home storage and evocative decor. Get inspired for how to purpose your pretty suitcase between trips!
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At Home in Milan...New York!

Juliet Izon is a veteran lifestyle journalist who covers everything from travel to food to interior design. In her spare time, she beautifully documents life with her husband and four-year-old daughter...
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Our Coordinated Ripstop Covers: Practical (and Pretty!) Protection for your SteamLine Case

It’s clear that SteamLine Luggage cases are expertly designed and crafted with an eye for detail. However, what you might not know is that a great deal of care is...
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INSPIRED BY Fathom Founder Jeralyn Gerba
At Home in Brooklyn

New York native and travel editor, Jeralyn is Fathom's co-founder and editorial director and NYC's biggest fan. Learn about Jeralyn's favorite hidden Brooklyn gems and see how she Travels Beautifully here!
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SteamLine's Top Road
Trip Tips and Travel Guide

Whether you're interested in a quiet hometown staycation or planning an explorative road-trip getaway, there are a number of ways to keep health and safety in mind. We gathered some...
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INSPIRED BY Whitney Leigh Morris
At Home on Venice Beach

Whitney Lee Morris, the woman behind The Tiny Canal Cottage®, not only travels beautifully, she lives all her messages of communal care and otherly love at home and on the...
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INSPIRED BY Courtney Halverson
At Home on the Road

Meet LA-based actress and blogger extraordinaire Courtney Halverson of Pretty Little Fawn. Learn how to travel like Courtney: slow down, engage, power off, and make it count when you power on.
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INSPIRED BY Brooke Danielson
At Home in Aspen

Welcome to our Inspired By series where we interview editors, ambassadors, and long-time friends of SteamLine! We're kicking it off with Fashion Editor, Runner, and Social Media Maven Brooke Danielson,...
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Introducing Travel Beautifully, the blog of SteamLine Luggage, by founder Sara Banks

The inaugural blog of SteamLine Luggage explores the power of a travel mindset as we confront our current realities—and dream of silver linings ahead.
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Going Her Own Way: How Our Founder Got Rolling

Meet Sara Banks, the founding mother of SteamLine Luggage...and four little boys! Learn what inspired her to create luggage in the first place, and the philosophy that keeps her steaming.
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If Luggage Could Talk: The Adventurous Case of Perrin Banks

Immaculately preserved or marked with character lines, your SteamLine suitcase is built to age beautifully whether or not you keep it like new. Thanks to our protective covers, the choice is always yours.
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Luggage for Life: A Guide to the Materials that Make Our Beauty and Quality

The vivid colors, the surprisingly light weights, the lasting durability. Learn all about the special materials that compose our beauty-bound suitcases.
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