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the editor

Sea Green Stowaway


Meet the Editor Stowaway, the long-holiday mainstay that you will love to reclaim. Quintessentially chic, the sophisticated linen body is accented by sea-green straps and opens to reveal Meryl Pardoen's stunning hand painted palm-leaf print. Unblemished stowage is assured thanks to the stylishly coordinated ripstop cover.

This large vintage-style suitcase boasts all the modern amenities of an extendable trolley handle, two silent-glide wheels, buckled leather straps and two TSA-approved locks. Inside zippered lid pockets and a hanging travel kit aid your packing organisation.

When not in transit, your Editor Stowaway makes for stunning home storage and décor.

Product Details

color handle added: sea-green

color handle added: black
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Product Details

Silent-glide wheels

Two highly resilient flexible wheels that are engineered to move smoothly and discreetly across all terrains.

Ripstop cover

A ripstop nylon protective cover that slips over case then folds easily back into itself and can be secured to any handle when moving quickly between locations.

Telescopic Handle

With the click of a button, our three-tier aluminium telescopic handle extends and securely clicks into place at your ideal height of 85, 95 or 105cm. Inside handle system allows for a balanced, flat packing surface while maintaining maximum interior space for items.

Hanging Travel Kit

Stylish hanging organiser with two zippered pockets that clips cleverly into the sides of case over your contents.

Durable & Lightweight Body

Linen body with leather straps and hand-illustrated lining, this case is engineered with lightweight and flexible materials to sustain demands on modern travel.

TSA Approved locks

Key locks that allow Transportation Security Administration to access when needed using their master key without damaging the lock.

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