Steamline Luggage is a collection of beautifully finished, vintage style cases, elegant with a modern day twist. This collection is essential for anyone with a love of travel and a sense of style


what our customers have said about us

"You won't believe all the compliments I got at the airport ... I believe in traveling in style no mater where you go and purchasing this fine piece of luggage was the best investment I have made. I look forward to turning more heads as i travel with this luggage."

"I now enjoy packing my bag, the first time I have enjoyed doing so in years"
Roisin Thomas, London, UK

"Beautiful unique handmade leather timeless luggage"
Catherine Stetson, Sarasota, FL

"The perfect luggage"
Kelly Foster, Auckland, New Zealand

"Neo-traditional/retro-futurist/old-world chic … unique, idiosyncratic, absolutely lovely"
Marc Froudnier, Paris, France

"Classic elegance with a modern twist"
Lisa Carroll, New York, USA

"It makes every journey you take that little bit more special."
John de Bier, Zurich, Austria

"A shining light in the dark world of airport lounges, security lines and small seats"
Holly Berback, Chicago, IL

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