Steamline Luggage is a collection of beautifully finished, vintage style cases, elegant with a modern day twist. This collection is essential for anyone with a love of travel and a sense of style


what our customers have said about us

"I'm so thrilled to find a way to extend the life of my first Steamline piece! I love the company, product and customer service. Can't wait to get my new Diplomat in the mail: )"
Su-Jung Lee, New York​

"You have been nothing but professional, polite, intelligent and thoughtful...Thank you once again for your outstanding service."
K Taylor, Australia

"You won't believe all the compliments I got at the airport ... I believe in traveling in style no mater where you go and purchasing this fine piece of luggage was the best investment I have made. I look forward to turning more heads as i travel with this luggage."

"I now enjoy packing my bag, the first time I have enjoyed doing so in years"
Roisin Thomas, London, UK

"Beautiful unique handmade leather timeless luggage"
Catherine Stetson, Sarasota, FL

"The perfect luggage"
Kelly Foster, Auckland, New Zealand

"Neo-traditional/retro-futurist/old-world chic … unique, idiosyncratic, absolutely lovely"
Marc Froudnier, Paris, France

"Classic elegance with a modern twist"
Lisa Carroll, New York, USA

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